Legislation has been passed by Parliament to implement the Private Health Insurance (‘PHI’) reforms announced by the Government in October 2017. The measures are designed to simplify PHI and make it more affordable for consumers by improving the value of PHI either in the form of lower premiums and/or improved cover for certain benefits. Of […]

Have you had a look at your current level of life insurance lately? Yes, I know some of you will say ‘I have got insurances through my superannuation fund, so that should be enough – it will be fine’. If this is what you are thinking – please grab your statement now and have a […]

We all insure our cars (we even insure our pets), but how many of us have Life, TPD or Trauma insurance?  Who is going to fund your ongoing living and medical expenses if you have to take time off to recover from sickness or injury?  How are you going to fund your lifestyle if you […]

There is plenty of advice out there about why you should save for your future, but little that explains exactly how. One of the problems when discussing wealth creation and retirement planning is that it usually involves words rather than numbers. People say they want to ‘build a retirement nest egg’ or ‘make sure I […]

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