What is your current level of Life Insurance?

Have you had a look at your current level of life insurance lately? Yes, I know some of you will say ‘I have got insurances through my superannuation fund, so that should be enough – it will be fine’. If this is what you are thinking – please grab your statement now and have a look! Did you know some superannuation funds actually provide you with reducing cover. Which means, your insurance cover will reduce each year. Some of these insurances will only pay you for two years – Not to age 65!

Do you know what actual events are covered by your insurance within your superannuation? Put this another way – what will you insurance actually cover you for? Remember, not all policies provide the same cover.

There are so many unanswered questions – maybe it is time you get some of these questions answered.

Did you know, according to the National Heart Foundation, heart attack claimed 8,443 lives in 2015, or on average 23 each day. Would you continue to work if your spouse or child was diagnosed tomorrow?

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