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The term ‘system’ is used here to mean the business infrastructure which is an integrated mechanism comprised of:

Such a business system is comprised of many components as listed above, and all of theses components must be integrated to form one inter-related and self-perpetuating mechanism with feedback for self-guidance… and corrective control.

Furthermore, it is two-dimensional, with tasks and processes which are ‘do-able’ and policies and rules which are ‘know-able’.

It is something that is designed to suit each organisation and be continually refined to become that business’ own on-going, proprietary way of conducting itself.

Business systems are required for:

The Systems Academy

Join the Systems Academy today and learn how to leverage yourself away from your business. The Systems academy will show you how to systemize your business step by step through a set of videos, audios and step by step lesson plans that will educate you and your staff to duplicate all areas of your business!

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