Business Consulting

In life, you can only go certain places if you have a map to those places. Succeeding in business is exactly the same. You only achieve success if you have a clear idea of what it looks like.

The thing is, different business owners define success in different ways. Some will define it as making copious amounts of money. Some will define it as being able to give back to their families and their communities. Others will define success as being able to do all of this. 

Whether you are a year, a few years or even decades into your business journey, you still might not be sure. 

Without some certainty of purpose, getting caught up in the day to day of your business to the point of being sidetracked is a possibility. 

This is where we come in. 

Our business consulting service will help you create a roadmap

At The Money Edge, we are about helping you find direction and purpose. 

We know every business and business owner is different. Not everyone fits in the same box. This is why we tailor solutions specifically to each and every different business through an open approach. 

Through a conversation that can begin with a simple email or quick phone call, we help you identify your business goals and objectives. Through face to face meetings, we help you define what success looks like and we help you put the plans in place to get there. 

Developed over the best part of two decades, our business consulting service is led by highly skilled, fully qualified professionals. What makes this services fantastic is that it is informed by an in-depth understanding of business in regional Queensland. 

Ultimately, our business consulting service is about you and facilitating your business' needs, because it is about helping you find your direction, we will never push you down a road you don't want to go. 

All you need to do is trust that we'll be there through the ups, downs and sideways trends of your business journey. 

We'll always be here for you, your family and your business. 

   Services we offer

Business development meetings and/or planning 
Business coaching assistance and establishment of business structure         and Self Managed Superannuation Funds
Family business advice and/or review in relation to structure and                   employment 
Preparation of family constitutions 
Conducting family council meetings 
Risk analysis
Business 'Round Tables'
Due diligence on new business ventures, acquisitions, etc. 
Business establishment and start up advice
Succession Planning
Business health check
Business valuations
Assistance with succession and estate planning issues
Attendance at directors' meetings 
Grant and/or Government subsidy application and assistance 
Upon your request, attendance at meetings and/or liaison with other           professional advisors or third parties
SWOT workshops 
Assist with conversions and transition to Xero 
Management and team job descriptions
Engaging staff and staff appraisals

Need help from our business consulting team?

We would love to here from you. We'd love to help you define goals and find your way to success. 
Give The Money Edge a call on (07) 4151 8898 or get in touch by filling in our contact form. Someone from our office will be in touch within 24 hours. 

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