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Management is about having the power over the business by position, whereas leadership involves the power of influence.

There are many different types of managerial roles and in the perfect world of a small business, the manager that we are referring to would be the supervisor or general manager of the business overseeing the other five areas (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and Team).

Theoretically, each of the five areas should have their own manager i.e., Marketing and Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Finance Manager and Team Manager. Unfortunately for the majority of business owners they are one and the same thing. As discussed in one of our earlier documents, the small to medium sized business owner rarely gets the chance to step away from the business and become the leader. They are usually working in the business as the manager supervising all other areas of the business.

For a leader or business owner to hire a manager to run the business, the business owner has to know that it will be more effective for the business with the manager there than with the manager not there.

The Management Academy

Learn how to empower your people, hire great people, understand and communicate correctly to get the best out of your team and create key performance indicators to keep on top of all areas of your business. The Management academy will guide you through a step by step set of videos, audios and lesson plans that will educate you to lead a great team and a profitable business!

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