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Choose a schedule which covers all scenarios Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has always been a complicated topic for property investors to understand. There are a number of exemptions which may apply, and this means that investors may not always be liable to pay CGT. Introduced on the 20th September 1985, CGT is the tax payable […]

I remember receiving my first pay packet. I rushed home and counted out the total, immediately putting some aside for spending, some for saving and unfortunately, some went to my parents for my first ‘rent’ payment. The act of handing money made me aware of how much I had at all times. The balance each […]

The ability to make ‘downsizer contributions’ effectively commenced on 1 July 2018, prompting the ATO to release further guidance with respect to this new superannuation contribution classification. This new measure will be of most assistance for individuals approaching retirement, where they dispose of their family home in an effort to ‘downsize’ and they want to […]

There is plenty of advice out there about why you should save for your future, but little that explains exactly how. One of the problems when discussing wealth creation and retirement planning is that it usually involves words rather than numbers. People say they want to ‘build a retirement nest egg’ or ‘make sure I […]

Over the past two days, global sharemarkets have fallen significantly due to growth concerns. One of the catalysts is the concern that rising US longer-term rates could lead to slower US and global economic growth. The second issue is the ongoing concern that the US-China trade frictions could develop into a more significant and protracted […]

Once an investor starts claiming depreciation, they can expect an improvement in their cash flow. This is because depreciation essentially lowers taxable income, meaning more money back in an investor’s pocket at tax time. For most people, the extra cash from a tax return is put into savings, towards a holiday or a new car […]

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