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Do a financial health-check of your business January is a good time to check the financial health of your business. Reviewing your financial statements and doing some basic calculations on liquidity, solvency, profitability and return on investment, and comparing these results with previous annual figures and similar businesses in your industry will help you identify […]

Recently I found myself sitting in a room with 400 accountants all wanting the same goal, to learn about the changes in superannuation legislation. As I waited with my fellow peers, I can’t help but reflect on my role and what it means to my clients. I love my career and I love being able […]

Happy New Year!

It seems like awhile ago now.  So who set a resolution for the New Year? Who has blown the resolution already?  Was it to lose weight, give up smoking or to get fit? I always find it interesting that at this time of year the TV ads are full of ways to lose weight, get […]

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