Office Manager | Dip FP,  JP (Qual)

After leaving school in the era where you were either a Teacher, Nurse or Bank Officer, I chose the latter and spent almost two decades with a major bank in NSW.

Being the ultimate multi-tasker, also during this time I owned and operated, with my husband, several successful businesses across a variety of industries and we raised three gorgeous daughters.  Phew!
Whether it was in our own business or in my banking a career, I discovered very early on that there was a recurring theme to what gave me the most satisfaction and subsequently best results.  I enjoy building relationships with my clients and discovering how to make a difference to their day.  Connecting with them on both a personal and a business level coupled with my own first hand experiences helps me better understand how to provide the services best suited to them and ultimately exceed their expectations.

I am a very hands on type of person and would never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t be prepared to do. Hence I can proudly say that I have acquired a few hidden skills along the way that some may not know.  I can drive a forklift, roll up a tarp (correctly as required by dear hubby) or operate a plastic wrap machine and then deliver your daily newspaper, just to mention a few.

These days my time at the Money Edge is still full of challenges and excitement, maybe not with heavy machinery but very rewarding nevertheless.  I am a JP (Qual) and I assist with the Wealth Planning and general administration.  We have a great working culture and I love being part of the family.
My can do attitude has also continued outside of my working life. I have found a new pastime of outrigger canoeing. It is great fun and with great people.  My recent highlight was that after many years of being on the sideline supporting our girls in their sporting events, having them turn up to support Mum in her first race.  Some may say that we came last that day but I like to think that we came first in the next race!

Debbie's Blog

Many of the routines and lessons that we learn as kids stay with us into adulthood. In today’s digital age, it can be difficult for kids to grasp the concept of money when it’s not in the tangible form of notes and coins. The increase in ‘tap and go’ payments, internet banking and online shopping