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You may have seen on Facebook, the staff of The Money Edge have been participating in a workplace challenge using the online site, Get on Track. Get on Track is a free, team-based online challenge aimed at helping employees increase their daily fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity. The idea came about as we were socially isolating, and we felt it was important for our health and well-being to remain active. As a bonus, it kept team spirit alive as we competed against each other in our virtual challenge.

The fun started from day one with the creation of four teams, who outdid themselves, finding the best name to represent their group. You have to agree with me, that they came up with some fun team names – Red Hot Chilli SteppersWalking Dead TiredMove or Lose and Young and the Breathless.

And the race was on! The four teams battled as they progressed along a virtual track. We selected a 12-week challenge that followed the El Camino Trek. On the virtual map, checkpoints provided points of interest and information on the area.

One of the things that made the trek so enjoyable was the personalities of our staff as they show just how competitive they could be. I won’t tell you how many discussions we had on what constituted as exercise, for example, folding, ironing, walking or even chasing after the children. We finally agreed that anything that kept us moving would be acceptable. There was laughter, cheers, fun banter, and best of all, a combined effort to reach our goal.

The competition was fierce, with each team giving a cheer as they passed each other. The lead changed many times, but it was Red Hot Chilli Steppers, consisting of Peyton, Ash, Rochelle, and Cass, who finally took first place. We have to congratulate them on totalling 1,864.20 km during the 12 weeks.

The overall winner with an impressive 831.65 km, was Grace. What an amazing effort! 

Special mention to Kerri for winning the Encouragement Award.

In a time when people were experiencing stress and uncertainty, it was terrific that we could participate and enjoy this healthy and fun activity. During the challenge, we observed that we felt better after our exercise and didn’t feel so isolated. At the end of the challenge, we felt stronger both physically and mentally, with many staff reporting that they had lost weight and experienced overall improvement with their health. 

With the success of the HealthyEdge Challenge, we hope to continue the challenge again later in the year. If you wish to know more about Get on Track, visit the website at

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