What is your financial goal?

Start with a goal.
Realise your goals.
What is your financial goal?
How are you going to achieve your goals?

All the above have one thing in common - you guessed it - Goals! Why are goals so important? Why does a financial planner ask you what goals you have? Goals provide you with a vision and hopefully motivation, but most importantly, you need to hold yourself accountable to your goal and really understand exactly what you need to do to achieve it. Here's why - 

Say you paid $10 for a movie ticket, you go to enter the theatre and realise you have lost your ticket. Would you purchase another ticket? Maybe! But you would feel really frustrated that you misplaced your ticket. 

Another way of looking at it. 

Say the movie costs $10 and you had placed $10 out of your budget for the ticket. You lose the $10 note, would you still pay for another ticket? 

You can see above how important goals are and how easy it is to look at them from different views, which in the end can adversely affect your goals.

Maybe it is time for you to become accountable for your goals and decisions.
Have you considered talking to a Financial Planner about your financial goals? Maybe the time is now! 

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