'She'll be right mate'

“She’ll be right”.

Until she is not.

When is the last time you had a review of your insurances?

How many times have we turned on the TV or radio to be greeted by stories of families being devastated by natural disasters or things out of their control?

It is heart breaking to watch but can be one of those of things that we think will never happen to us. Even more so when you realise that many of these families are going to struggle to rebuild their homes and lives, simply because their insurances will not cover all the costs.

Have you reviewed your home and contents insurance lately? Do you have enough cover to replace all those things you have accumulated over the years? The washing machine, the TV’s, clothes, jewellery, phones, laptops. The list goes on.

The same goes for all the other insurances you may have. You pay the premiums, but have you considered if there is enough cover for you? Car insurance, life insurance, boat insurance, TPD insurance. The list continues.

We insure our cars and our things, but do you have your life insured? Are you prepared for the unexpected? “She’ll be right mate” – is that what you are thinking? Do not leave it until it is too late! If something unexpected were to impact your life, leaving you unable to work, the last burden you will want to have is the thought of how you are going to fund your lifestyle and pay for those dreaded bills. The right cover can help you with paying off the mortgage or rent, paying for your children’s education, covering your day-to-day expenses and cover your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Don’t leave it until it is too late. Make the step today. Speak with your insurance company and get that replacement cost estimate report done. I bet it will surprise you! Review your car insurance. Speak with your financial adviser about life insurance. After all, you do not want to be left thinking ‘what if’.

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