'Not making a decision' is actually 'making a decision'

Sometime ago I approached my Financial Planner and enquired about further strategies to save money that perhaps I hadn't yet considered. She took some time to briefly touch on some points and then offered me the opportunity to put my financial situation down on paper and give her the full picture of my circumstances, allowing her to give me advice that would be of the most benefit to my future. 

She asked me to consider some of the following things:

I went away from this meeting and I felt quite overwhelmed at the things that I had to think about and disclose to someone else. All that kept going through my mind was...

Does the above situation sound familiar to you? Decision making can paralyse you, because ultimately, we may be afraid of the outcome or the judgement. But the reality is in 'not making a decision' we are actually 'making a decision' to stay where we are. When we hope that time will bring the clarity we need, we put off playing an active role in our lives and we risk the decision being made for us. Can you live with the regret of not taking control of your direction in life?

When you sit down with your Financial Planner and face the reality of your situation, you take control of your future. There is no judgement about the path you arrived on, what matters is the path to secure your future and happiness. Think about the reward of facing your reality when your Financial Planner takes time to help you see your financial situation differently and you actually...

There is no better feeling that knowing your future is secure. Even if you start late and you only end up 75% to where you desired to be, isn't that better than not having started at all?

Your future is worth so much more than your perception of someone else's judgement. Call The Money Edge and make the decision to commit to your future - you are worth it! 

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