Take the pain out of Organisational change

Nobody really likes change unless they can feel the need for it, so it often meets resistance.  But with energy, foresight, realism and emotional intelligence a change leader can take the pain out of the process.  Here are our top tips;

The last couple of months have forced many businesses into a state of change. It has been hard to find clarity due to intermittent and sometimes conflicting information, so we have had to develop an adaptable mindset. We can't choose environmental changes like these, but how we choose to respond can make or break our business. I must say a big "congratulations" to everyone who has stepped up, faced the threats and grasped the opportunities during this pandemic. 

We've had a variety of experiences with change at The Money Edge, so if you or your team are struggling with it please let us know. We'll be happy to support you. 

Amanda Wolff | The Money Edge | Bundaberg 

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