Rural Research and Development

Australia needs to be able to adapt and respond to new issues. Innovation is the key. It drives growth, sustainability and resilience.

Investment in research and development (R&D) and innovation is vital for ongoing growth and improvement in the productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of Australia’s agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food industries.

The Australian Government is providing $157.4 million over eight years to 2021–22 for a competitive grants program - Rural R&D for Profit - to deliver cutting-edge technology and applied research, with an emphasis on making the results accessible to Australia’s primary producers.

This new funding is in addition to the current government funding of around $250 million per year for rural research and development corporations.

About the program 
The Rural R&D for Profit program aims to realise productivity and profitability improvements for primary producers through:

Research projects must address one or more of the rural research development and extension (RD&E) funding priorities -

Who can apply

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