Professional happiness at Work

Have you ever considered if you employees are professionally happy? Now is a good time to consider professional happiness to work.

Deep feeling of purpose and meaning! 
According to Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, leader in the field of stress management, "Professional happiness is the deep feeling of purpose and meaning that comes when we form good relationships with our colleagues and work with them to achieve our objectives."

When your employees are professionally happy they:

When employees are professionally unhappy they:

Professional Happiness motivates your employees! 
"Happiness at work is likely to be the glue that retains and motivates the high-quality employees of the future." Cynthia D Fisher, Head of Management and Professor of Management, Bond University, Australia. 

Professional Happiness is contagious!

A healthy culture with a positive emotional atmosphere can result in improved cooperation, decreased conflict, and increased perceived task performance.

8 Ways you can promote Professional Happiness 

  1. Fun leads to happiness -  Host team-building events, lunch-time activities or challenges. This gives your team the opportunity to connect with each other on a more personal level. Having friends at work just makes going into the office more fun and strengthens the overall team. 
  2. A little goes a long way - Greet your team every morning. It helps to start the day on the right foot and let's staff know that you see them. 
  3. Happy people are contagious - Hire employees who are bright, happy and smile. You've all heard the saying 'smile and the world smiles with you'. 
  4. Everyone likes to be valued -  Acknowledge and praise your employees. It makes them feel appreciated and tells them that what they do matters.
  5. Get away from work -  Take the team on an adventure away from the office. Organise an event that encourages togetherness. Whether it’s a sporting event, art class, wine tasting or attending a trivia night, these activities provide the team an opportunity to form stronger connections and have fun.
  6. Who doesn’t like perks? -  Provide perks to employees that improve their quality of life and demonstrates that you care about them. Hire a masseuse for an afternoon, provide wellness programs, be flexible with work hours. Every single perk makes an employee value their work environment.
  7. A healthy team is a happy productive team -  Investing in your teams' health is just plain smart. Promoting health can be as simple as providing healthy snakes and holding stand-up meetings to holding fitness challenges, encouraging the team to participate in a fun run, or having onsite activities like mindfulness and yoga.  And remember, healthy employees, are less like to take time off.
  8. Give the gift of learning -  Employees need to constantly grow in order to feel fulfilled. Host learning events that are fun. All employees have areas that they excel and feel passionate. Have them share their passion with the team by hosting a training lesson or demonstration. Encourage workshops to share knowledge from other service areas. Understanding another person's role, goes a long way towards respect and appreciation. Start a book club or book exchange. Everything helps.  

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