National Landcare Program - Soil Extension Grant

Australia’s soils, water, vegetation and biodiversity underpin the productivity and sustainability of agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries, but these natural resources are under threat. Pressures on Australia’s natural resources can limit the viability and productivity of food, fibre and forestry businesses.

About the grant

The program will run from February 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Outcome 1 – Increased adoption of best practice sustainable agriculture Smart Farms Small Grants - Soil Extension Activities will:

Achieving this outcome will:

Outcome 2 – Increase the capacity of land managers to adopt best practice sustainable agriculture Smart Farms Small Grants - Soil Extension Activities will:

Achieving this outcome will:

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

To be eligible to apply for a grant you must be an organisation capable of entering into a legally binding and enforceable agreement with the Commonwealth. To be eligible you must have relevant background and experience in agriculture and/or natural resource management (specific experience relating to soils and their management is essential), and be one of the following entity types:

You must have the following additional eligibility requirements in place before you apply:

Applicants seeking to engage a suitably qualified person to undertake extension activities must have suitable qualifications, which may include, but are not limited to a bachelor’s degree and/or diploma in a science, agriculture and/or environment field with soil science specific units. A minimum level of a diploma is required.

If you do not meet these additional requirements, you will not be eligible

Eligible grant activities

Extension activities must contribute to achieving at least one of the 2 Smart Farms Small Grants Program outcomes. In your application, you must identify the outcome your proposed extension service will contribute to achieving as identified above.
Eligible natural resources Whether your proposed project contributes to achieving Outcome 1, Outcome 2, or both Outcomes 1 and 2 , it must contribute to improving Australian food, fibre and forestry business sustainability, productivity and profitability, and must contribute to protecting or improving one of the following natural resources in Australia:

Eligible expenditure

In your application, you must describe each of your proposed extension activities–including employed positions and related activities.
The proposal must be for the following:

How to apply 

Before applying, you must read and understand these guidelines, the terms and conditions, sample grant agreement and the questions and answers. These documents are found at the GrantConnect and Community Grants Hub websites.

To apply you must:

Should you require any assistance, please contact our office on 07 4151 8898.
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