JobKeeper vs JobSeeker

The Federal Government recently announced the JobKeeper Payment scheme, which is designed to assist employers (and self-employed individuals) affected by the Coronavirus pandemic to continue to pay their workers. 

If you are registering for the JobKeeper scheme it is vital that you inform your employees that you have registered and will make payments to them from the first week in May 2020. 

Employers have also contacted employees who had recently lost their job and have been receiving the JobSeeker Payment whilst not working. In these situations, where a former employee is re-hired, the JobKeeper Payment could offer the employee a greater fortnightly payment when compared to the JobSeeker Payment, for example, as follows:

Important considerations for employers under JobKeeper

Before employers apply for the JobKeeper Payment and start making salary payments to employees under this scheme (including employees who have been re-hired by an employer), it is important for an employer to consider the following potential consequences of JobKeeper:

Please note that this information is subject to change by the Australian Government. Be mindful that some of these initiatives are not yet law, and we don't yet have detailed information on the implementation. 

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