Connect your myGovID to myGov

You can now use your myGovID to sign in to myGov, expanding the use of myGovID to both business and personal matters.

Connecting myGovID to your existing myGov account makes signing in:

  1.  Simple - set up once and use it to unlock Government online services. 
  2. Flexible – you can still use your existing myGov sign in option as well as myGovID, helping you avoid losing access to your account when using SMS codes.
  3. Secure – your personal information is encrypted and verified against existing government records, making it the most secure way to sign in to myGov.
  4. Streamlined – access multiple government online services, for both personal and business matters.

Go to and follow these steps to connect your myGovID. 

  1. Select Continue with Digital Identity
  2. Select myGovID as your identity provider
  3. Select Continue with myGovID
  4. Sign in using your myGovID
  5. Consent to sharing your information with myGov
  6. Select Continue and sign in to your myGov account to connect your myGovID
  7. A message will display confirming your myGovID is connected to your myGov account.

Alternatively, you can connect your myGovID to your myGov account after you've signed in to myGov. Go to Account Settings, select Digital Identity and follow the prompts.

Next time you sign in to your myGov account, select Continue with Digital Identity to use your myGovID.

For more information visit the myGovID website

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