Benefits of early return to work

When a worker is injured at work, it doesn’t always mean they need time off work.

Getting back to work is an important step in recovering from a work-related injury and means a worker can return to a normal life, often reducing the financial and emotional impact on them and their family.

Returning to work may mean a worker has gone back to their old job or another job, and could involve working reduced hours or suitable duties.

What is good work?

Good work is about balancing the interests of individuals, employers and society in order to ensure performance, engagement and fairness.

Simply put, good work is work that is free of negative health effects and offers health improvement opportunities to the worker.

There are four domains to good work:

Not all four domains need to be present for work to be considered ‘good’, as not all domains apply equally to industries. Research indicates for industries identifying opportunities to improve ‘good work’, one or two domains appear to predominate.

Some of the benefits of good work for workers include:

Some of the benefits of good work for employers include:

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