Reverse the threat of cybercrime

Every day cyber criminals steal the online identities of people just like you, it doesn't matter if you're young or old, whether you are male or female, or where you live, cyber criminals look to take advantage of people who make it easy for them to steal from. 

The statistics tell us that the risk of falling victim to online crime is climbing every day. 

Almost one in three Australian adults were impacted by cybercrime in 2018, and victims can spend so much time, energy and emotion recovering from the damage caused.

But Australians still think about their personal information differently to their physical belongings. Isn't it strange how we always lock our front door, but not our computer?

Don't wait for a cyber criminal to steal your identity - take control of your online identity today with a few easy steps:

You can phone the scam hotline on 1800 008 540 or visit to verify the contact is legitimate. 

Don't become a victim! 

The Money Edge | Bundaberg 

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