Individuals & Business - Lockdown Support Available in Queensland

On 31 July 2021, eleven Queensland local government areas were declared a Commonwealth hotspot. If you are impacted by the lockdown, there is assistance available to you or your business.

There are two payments accessible to individuals: the COVID-19 Disaster Payment and, the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.

COVID-19 Disaster Payment

The COVID-19 Disaster Payment is a weekly payment available to eligible workers who can’t attend work or who have lost income because of a lockdown and don’t have access to certain paid leave entitlements. If you are a couple, both people can separately claim the payment.


Sole traders may apply for COVID-19 Disaster Payment if you are unable to operate your business from home. However, you will not be eligible if you are also receiving a state business grant such as the QLD 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant.


Timing of the payment

The disaster payment is generally accessible if the hotspot triggering the lockdown lasts more than 7 days as declared by the Chief Medical Officer (you can find the listing here). From 2 August 2021, payments will apply from day one of the lockdowns and will be paid in arrears once claims open (previously, the payment only applied from day 8 of a lockdown).


How much is the payment?

The COVID-19 disaster payment amount available depends on:


From 2 August 2021, if the hours of work lost are between 8 and 20 (or a full day of work), the payment is $450, and if over 20 hours of work is lost the payment is $750.


The payment applies to each week of lockdown that you are eligible for. On 29 July 2021, the Prime Minister stated that the COVID-19 disaster payment will not be taxable.



The COVID-19 disaster payment is emergency relief. It is available if you:

And you:

'Top up' payments for those on income support

A special separate $200 a week ‘top-up’ payment is available to those who currently receive an income support payment through social security, ABSTUDY Living Allowance, Dad and Partner Pay or Parental Leave Pay in addition to their existing payment if they can demonstrate they have lost more than 8 hours of work and meet the other eligibility requirements for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment.


If you are a member of a couple, you can both apply for this payment.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

The Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment is for those who have been advised by their relevant health authority to self-isolate or quarantine because they:


How much is the payment?

The payment is $1,500 for each 14 day period you are advised to self-isolate or quarantine. If you are a couple, you both can claim this payment if you meet the eligibility criteria.



The Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment is available if you:

The payment is taxable and you will need to declare it in your income tax return. 


2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grants

The $5,000 grants will be made available to small and medium businesses across Queensland affected by:

Your business doesn't have to be located in South East Queensland, but you must have experienced at least a 30% reduction in turnover as a result of lockdowns.

Eligibility criteria

Small and medium businesses are defined as having:

How to apply

Applications will open in mid-August. Please visit Business QLD.
You will need to apply online with supporting evidence. Grants will be processed in the order they are received. 

You will be paid the grant funds within 2 weeks of being notified that your application has been approved.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions about accessing support. You can reach us on (07) 4151 8898 or via email at

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