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Kerri Schulz

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Executive Assistant

Who am I? Like most children, from an early age my one true focus was the question why. But I didn’t just want to know why; I wanted to know the How? and Why not?  I was constantly trying to improve on the why much to the amusement of people around me. I remember a time when I snuck into the classroom during recess in order to reorganise the teacher’s bookshelf. I had noticed that some of my fellow students couldn’t reach the books on the top shelf. To me it wasn’t just a simple case of the books being kept on that particular shelf because that was where they belonged; it was about finding a better solution. By time the teacher had returned to the room, I had moved everything down a  shelf.

I have had a colourful career in various different fields including being a Phlebotomist, managing a takeaway shop, working at Expo 88 and working in the non-for-profit sector. I wasn’t sure where I belonged but with a need to make order out of chaos, it was only natural that I eventually gravitated towards the administration field and became an executive assistant. Believe it or not, I find organising someone else’s life very relaxing and rewarding

Having worked with a number of organisations that have gone through rapid change and growth, I have learnt the importance of being positive and supportive. While change is sometimes difficult, I enjoy being part of an organisation that is willing to look forwards and not be afraid to make the difficult decisions.

I like to challenge myself when confronted with something new by asking myself “Why not?” I may fail or I may succeed but I always give it a go. This attitude has rewarded me with a signed publishing contract, winning Queensland Trainee of the Year in 2007 and landing a job at The Money Edge. I often remember a joke my father told me when I was younger, “Why do men climb mountains? Because they can.” Well I can and I do.

High energy runs through me so I’m never still. When I work I tap my fingers, jiggle my knees and my mind runs at an alarming pace.  One of the things I love about working at The Money Edge is I am always working on something that keeps me engaged and productive.

When it comes to home time, my husband and I have been enjoying spending quality time together as our adult sons have left the nest. Letting them go to find their way in life was difficult so I admit that I stalk them on Facebook. I also enjoy “Words with Friends” even if I do get a little competitive. Would you believe I have played a total of 58,175 feet of tiles in only three years?

A geek by nature, I’m addicted to all things sci-fi including Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly (why oh why did it have to be cancelled?) and Star Gate to name just a few of my favourite shows. I even have my own sonic screwdriver.

A complete and utter bookaholic, I read a book every night and write my own stories on the weekend. When people ask where do I get my inspiration? I tell them I see stories everywhere I go. I don’t just people watch; I weave stories about the people I see, and the places I go.

So this is me, I’m a wife, a mother, an author, a games addict, a geek, an assistant and organiser.

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