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Becoming an accountant wasn’t a decision that I made fresh out of school – it was a long and winding road to get here! I tried my hand at all sorts of roles, from dental nursing to teaching swimming but nothing seemed to float my boat.One moment changed it all, when I was asked to help an accountant in a large mining company that I work for solve a problem and find that one last missing cent to reconcile an account. Solving that problem was so satisfying and I went home so proud of myself, all for finding that one cent! So as I filled out enrolment forms for my 3rd and youngest son to head off to school, I was also filling out enrolment forms for myself – to start university at the ripe age of 30 years young.

Since completing my degree in Accounting at CQ University and honing my skills in the industry, I love going to work every day to help people find and make dollars and cents (and sense!) of their own finances. I also love working with Xero and am a Xero Certified Adviser.

It is such a delight to go to work every day knowing I am helping people in some way. Other than loving my job I am also a mother of three boys who are heavily involved in Bundaberg Softball. They have played for Bundaberg for the last three years in the U15 State Championships all over Queensland. This has been a great experience for them and myself as I am the team manager. This is a job in itself from organising transport and accommodation to making sure that twelve teenage boys are all fed with clean uniforms and are at their games on time.

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