At The Money Edge, we have one single aim.

To help our clients and their families build sustainable futures by helping them get their money under control.

We have been operating in regional Queensland for over two decades. We have lived through all the same local events and experiences you have. We have seen the fires, the droughts, the crop difficulties and so much more, and yet our excitement for helping locals grow their businesses has never waned. 

This is because we believe in our community's talents. We are dedicated to the future of the region. We trust in its tenacity and ability to achieve financial success and security. 

Our approach

Relationships are our top priority. Trust is everything. We call our clients friends. In a way, they are apart of our family. 

We keep things simple with an honest, open approach. We don't apply strict structure to our clients and we never lead with cookie-cutter solutions. 

Instead, we are about listening and getting to know you first. Before we offer our thoughts, we take on board all you have to tell us. 

We know each and every business owner and their family is different. Everyone needs a specially tailored solution to make sure they can achieve the best possible financial outcome. 

When you work with us, you are working with partners. 

Partners committed to respecting your privacy. Partners who take the responsibility of servicing you with intergrity and authenticity. 

Partners who aim to make your life easier by staying close and committed. 

We believe each and every person can achieve financial well-being. Nothing's impossible in life or business. We will always work to improve your financial situation. 

Numbers tell stories. They provide a clear picture as to where you are at in life and/or your business. 

We know that when they're crunched and read correctly, these numbers provide clarity, transparency and direction. This empowers business owners and their families towards brighter, more secure futures. 

We're highly skilled in knowing how and where to find funding to help small businesses. We're number detectives in pursuit of cost-saving. We're across legislation so you will always be informed of new regulations or paperwork you need to submit for tax time. 

We navigate financial systems like the back of our hand. We'll help you do the same.



Living by our Values 

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