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You have a minimum of 7 – 10 years experience in public practice. You have worked hard to get to where you are in your career but starting to hit a 10 year career itch!  Wondering, what life would be like if you had become a pilot instead; flying to a different country each week with stopovers in the Bahamas!! (that would be so nice, wouldn’t it?).  Your office experience simply isn’t cutting it for you anymore.  The team you work with are nice people but not really that exciting and its getting boring!

Well, today is your lucky day!! The Money Edge is not your ordinary accounting firm.  We are not your ordinary accounting firm, fun is our middle name.  We theme our ¼ tasks and goals and dress our office accordingly.  We believe our staff are ‘fully sick’ and we celebrate this regularly with culture meetings and team activities.  If you are still not convinced that our team has personality and The Money Edge isn’t your boring ‘run of the mill’ accounting firm, check out our Facebook page to see how much fun we really have in the office.  Just remember, to work with us you have to be prepared to play hard and work even harder!

All fun aside, we do work very hard.  On a daily basis in fact!  If successful, you will be working with a team of professionals to assist our clients by making complicated decisions simple. To us our clients aren’t just numbers; they are individuals with individual needs and you will develop relationships with each of them and provide advice that is tailored to their personal situation. You will complete client work accurately and efficiently, while ensuring that the team is fully productive. Provide input into the development and implementation of internal systems and procedures and help to grow the business by marketing to current and prospective clients. Above else, it is expected that you embrace the firm’s values as your own.  For all your hard work you will be rewarded with a great team culture, development opportunities galore and regular RDOs.

We provide a suite of services to our clients and you will need to be able to provide high level of technical knowledge, advice and assistance in one or more of the following services:

We realise this isn’t the job for everyone. If you are a ‘fun sponge’ like sitting in your comfort zone and prefer not to leave the fuzzy warmth of it, then you probably won’t enjoy working with us very much.  We have fun and we will push your boundaries and ask you to leave your comfort zone.  Let’s just clarify this (just in case we have completely freaked you out), we won’t be asking you to sing at a client event (we make our Marketing Co-Ordinator do that) but we will expect you to be involved in public facing activities.

There are obviously some minimum requirements we need from you, such as:

If this is you, email us today along with your cover letter and resume to

You’d better hurry! We only need one great person to join the team.

No recruitment agents need apply.

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