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Before converting to Xero, I didn’t really know who had paid my invoices or who hadn’t without spending hours reviewing my bookwork.  Now that I’m on Xero and using the GeoOp addon, I can see at a glance which invoices need following up and which invoices don’t.  Invoicing has also become simpler and I’m able to get invoices out faster.  All this has resulted in better cashflow for my business. The bookkeepers at  The Money Edge ensure everything is lodged within the deadlines of the ATO and manage my Xero account which gives me more time to work on the job and not in the office.

-  Nathan Teske, Teske Plumbing

Happy wife, happy life rings true when it comes to bookkeeping.  I understand there are bookkeeping things for the business which need to be done at specific times and this can put added pressure on my already busy wife.  I have noticed much less stress now that the Team from The Money Edge are scheduling those items.

- Happy Husband – Hospitality Industry

I LOVE XERO..... simple really!!. I have just changed over to Xero, on the recommendation of the staff at The Money Edge, this financial year.  AND I am so pleased I did.  Stephanie from The Money Edge has been super helpful in her support in the change over from our old accounting programme.  I was nervous about using such “tech savvy” accounting software, because I had been using the same programme for the past 7 years.   She is always happy to help answer my sometimes silly questions.  Although, I have discovered that with Xero, once tedious and complicated tasks, such as payroll, are now so much simpler.  I have used the online “Xero help” on a few occasions, and it very easy to understand. As a business owner with a family and a part time job, I find myself time poor.  I can now use my Ipad to check on our business accounts, even reconcile accounts, anywhere, anytime.  Even at the gym while sitting on the spin bike as I am not required to actually be at the office now!!  Xero has cut my accounting time by half.  ALSO... my husband now uses it.  He now loves seeing the “dashboard” as a current snapshot of our business financially. In addition to Xero, Stephanie and Cameo at The Money Edge have been wonderful to deal with and only too happy to help our small business grow.  We are no longer categorised into “small business” and put into a pool of other “small businesses” and then all receive the same advice.   The Money Edge actually looks at our business personally and gives advice uniquely for us. The girls at the Money Edge are so enthusiastic about making my business better in the way we want to be better… AND... they are personal too.  They make me excited about accounting and business development.... and I never thought that would happen. I highly recommend The Money Edge Team and Xero.

- Karley Jacobsen - Pro Cut Machining, Bundaberg

I love using Xero!  With the training and support provided by The Money Edge team it is so easy to use and saves me a lot of time completing our financial transactions, reports and reconciling bank accounts. Being able to do all this remotely from any computer has already proven to be an invaluable capability - and its terrific not having to worry about uploading software and updates!! Thanks to The Money Edge for your efforts in getting our system up and running.  You helped us immensely in 'blasting through' some of our more complicated requirements.  It has been an extreme pleasure working with you and we can't be happier with the end result after transitioning to Xero.

- Louise Lemon, Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers

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