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At The Money Edge, we focus our advice on your personal situation and what financial and non-financial goals you want to achieve.  We don’t try to squish our clients into a one size fits all box.  Instead, we specifically tailor for each and every client specific to their unique needs and goals.

We believe that having a clear set of goals and regularly reviewing and adjusting the strategies to achieve those goals is the foundation for success for your financial future.  Likewise, understanding your financial position and how that will affect your goals is equally important.

Your Personal Wealth Portal has real-time data which allows you to see if you are on track and helps us to keep you accountable and on track to reaching your goals and dreams.  Your Personal Wealth Portal is where you can bring your personal and financial goals together, by linking your bank accounts, liabilities, properties and super.  You can then track your spending, set budgets and use simple tools to manage your financial affairs and your financial future to keep you on track to achieving your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Set yourself on the right track for your desired future.  Ask our team how to get started now!


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