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The Money Edge is a Wealth Protection consultancy business. We provide advice on how to insure against the uncontrollable in life. Specialising in the following services of Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection & Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance.

The average person holds a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy on their car. This is usually to safeguard against damage should your vehicle be in an accident. If your car were to be in an accident, would you be in it at the time? Would you possibly be injured and could this injury affect your ability to maintain your financial obligations and lifestyle?

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Insurance Services

The chance of a person becoming disabled and being out of the workforce for more than 3 months or suffering serious illness before age 65 is much higher than the chance of your house burning down. Yet we insure our ‘stuff’ and not our greatest asset – our ability to earn income whether that be through salary or wage or running your own business.

Insurance Edge offers advice on a range of insurance services. We can ensure that you hold adequate cover in:

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