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The Annual "Work Christmas Party"

Christmas is a great time of year and most businesses celebrate the year with a Christmas party. These functions can also be beneficial in improving staff morale.

But be warned! A Christmas party involving alcohol can sometimes lead to inappropriate employee behaviour and employers need to be aware of this and take measures to control it.

Employees need to be reminded that a Christmas party still qualify as a work function and that certain standards of behaviours must be adhered to. This includes the continued application of workplace policies, particularly those relating to workplace harassment, sexual harassment and workplace health and safety.

With social media now more common in society, some ground rules and guidelines may need to be raised as an offensive or inappropriate social media post could go viral and leave your business in a sticky situation.

In addition, employers should be aware of their following responsibilities when providing these type of events for their employees:

  1. If alcohol is available, ensure there is plenty of food and non-alcoholic refreshments;
  2. Consideration needs to be given to staff who may have other dietary and/or cross-cultural requirements;
  3. Take reasonable steps to ensure the supply of alcohol is limited.

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