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Falling In Love With Your Business Again!


Often we get to a point, especially in challenging times, when we “fall out of love” with our business. Even without challenges, we can begin to ask ourselves the question, “why we went into business in the first place?”.

Not only that, but the constant day to day drudgery which seems never ending, can cloud your vision of all the great things your business can do! For your family, the community, staff, suppliers and business partners. When you think about it your business has an opportunity to do incredible things. Your business can create a wonderful lifestyle for you plus build strong relationships with all associated – including you! Your business can also benefit the local community plus the lives of your team.

Like any relationship, where we get a little “cheesed off”, often we have to take time out to see all the benefits it provides, let’s scrap all the negatives but focus on the positives. Imagine what your business could do for you, your family, staff and community – exciting stuff huh!

My suggestion is you and your team workshop these positive aspects. Whilst the budget may be tight, often a couple of days away with some R&R, golf, team activities plus head down, bum up brain storming on all things possible.

Yes – encourage the thoughts and ideas where there is no limit, get the imaginations and creative juices flowing and most importantly – write them down, draw up an action plan and Implement. Not only will you start to gain some enthusiasm, but your team will too.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if EVERYONE fell in love with the business again! If you’d like a copy of our Special Action Report and action sheet “Falling In Love With Your Business Again”, please email me and I’ll get it to you pronto!

Yale Morgan, Better Business Wide Bay


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