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You may hear the words 'Financial Planning' and think - 'I don't need that!' Okay, maybe you don't, but maybe you need to think about it, because maybe you do! 
Here at TME Financial Planning, we aim to help you meet your long term financial and investment goals. 

What do we do?
You guessed it - We offer advice! We help you set financial goals. These goals could include retirement, savings for university, minimising your tax burden, budgeting, debt reductions or generating income. We can help you better understand strategies behind these investment decisions so you are better informed. Don't be concerned if you don't have financial goals. We can discuss how you want life to look and how you are going to get there.

Okay, so you still think you don't need a Financial Planner. You say you have your goals. Great - now, tell me, how are you going to achieve these goals? Are they achievable? How are they achievable? When are they going to be achievable? Are they achievable sooner? What are you going to do if they are not achievable? Is there another way to make them achievable?

How can we help?
We can't help you if you don't ask! Your first appointment is complimentary. This is a no obligation discussion which generally takes no longer than 30 minutes and allows you to decide whether you are comfortable with us. As an added bonus - we are CPA's too! ( aka - we are accountants too!).

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