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When you think of how much you do online or on your phone, there is always a real threat that there is someone out there trying to find ways to take your hard-earned dollar or steal valuable information. The facts are simple; if you use the internet, there is a good chance your data is […]

Do you employ staff?  Do you constantly chase your team for their timesheets which is putting you behind with your payroll? Or perhaps you are wondering if the apprentice is actually picking up that order from the hardware shop or is he just having a schooner at the pub! Remove the paper and manual entry […]

Paper vs. Electronic

In an electronic world when is it best to still have a piece of paper? It’s an ever growing trend; we have our phone bills emailed, our bank statements are online, our appointment reminders sent in a text message and our diaries electronic.  Our lives are scheduled in the cloud.  However, with all of these […]

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