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How to save whilst improving your families health

Women used to be stuck at home taking care of all the household duties. Now in this modern age of being working women how do we find a way to fit everything into our busy lifestyles?

Before you know it the kids, homework, walking the dog, and work has taken all our time. This often leads to cutting corners and simply getting take away instead of home cooked meals. So how do we remedy this and improve both our health and finances.

1. Meal Preparation

This can seem all too much for many of us however simply setting aside a few hours on the weekend can save massive amounts of time during the week. Not only will this save time but when you get home tired at the end of the day your dinner can be fully prepared of just ready to be tossed together. That’s right, there’s more than one way to prepare in advance. Look for recipes that can be made ahead and put together on the night. Alternatively you can just chop all your favourite fruit and vegetables before putting them in the fridge. The perfect way to allow the kids to have plenty of choice with lunches!

Top Tip: get the kids involved and helping out or don’t let any ingredients that need preparation into the fridge until their chopped up!

2. Planning your weeks meals

There is nothing worse than coming home and realising you don’t have a key ingredient in the dish you were going to prepare. In this situation you have two choices order take away or go to the shops and buy the ingredient making dinner even later. I know the one that happens all too often! Try setting some time aside each day to review recipes and plan your weeks meals in advance. The best times can be during your lunch break, whilst on public transport or whilst waiting for appointments. This doesn’t need to be time consuming!

Top Tip: Find some bloggers that you like the recipes of on social media. Every time you’re online you’re greeted with inspiration

3. Re-using ingredients

Healthy eating and preparing all our meals is often perceived as being very expensive however it doesn’t have to be. Try looking for recipes that share a key ingredient e.g. When making a pasta with fresh basil use the rest for pesto dip for lunches or freeze it with oil in ice cube trays ready for the next time you need some. By not letting the remainder of the ingredients you purchased go to waste you can save a great deal of money.

Top Tip: Choose various recipes that use similar ingredients if you know that you won’t be using the whole of the item

4. Shopping at the Farmers Market

By planning one weekly trip to a market you can save lots of cash and also ensure that you are buying direct from the farmers! Fresh ingredients can be very expensive if you just buy them from the supermarket. Instead create a routine of going to a weekly market or look for local farmers that offer fruit and veg boxes. Many of these can even be delivered to you! This is a great way of only buying in season produce which will save you even more.

Top Tip: Find your local market or farmer that sells fruit and veg to decrease your food bill

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