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If you spending hours chasing clients to pay their invoices it means you are spending less time in your business doing the things you actually want to do – the things that made you want to go into business in the first place.  If this sounds like you and it’s starting to do your head in, keep reading because there is a better way!

Chaser is an Addon for Xero, which automates and improves your credit control, getting you paid faster and saving you time.  Some users have even reported saving up to 7 hours a week by using this Xero Addon.  It does seem like the perfect complement to any finance team.

This elite credit control software provides the tools and insights to effectively automate chasing your customers to pay their invoices.  The key features include:

Sounds great hey?  Here’s how it actually works:

The award winning add-on, Chaser, pulls through a copy of your ledger from Xero, so it knows which invoices to chase and which not to.  Chaser collects information about each invoice to include in your chasing emails, ensuring your customer has all the information they need to make the payment. You can even include a ‘payable here’ link.  Chaser also gathers customer contact information from Xero. So there’s no manual data entry at any point in the process.  Sounds like a time saver to us!

If you would like any more information or would like to know if Chaser would save you time, please do not hesitate to contact The Money Edge team on 07 4151 8898.

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