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It has never been easier to find lost super!  You might not even think it is lost, but if you moved and forgot to update your address on a super fund that an old employer had used, it might be considered lost from the super fund’s perspective. Maybe you’re happily letting a super account grow […]

In the 2017/18 year, minors (under 18 at 30 June) can receive investment income (including trust distributions) of up to $416 without paying tax. Any income earned above this amount is taxed at penalty rates. Income received by a family trust should be allocated amongst the various beneficiaries by 30 June each year and documented […]

The security of your data is under constant attack. These attacks are often creative and hard to identify so it is crucial to be on guard. Here are 12 things you want every employee in your business to know: 1. Passwords Passwords often contain children’s names, pet names, middle names, streets, birthdates and years. Most […]

Employers of 20 or more staff (according to a simple headcount on 1 April 2018) will be required to lodge their payroll figures to the ATO after each payrun from 1 July 2018. This will provide real-time PAYG tax figures to the ATO and remove the need for payment summaries at the end of the […]

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