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What Happens at XeroCon …. ends up in a blog

Last week Leanne and I had the privilege of traveling to Melbourne to attend Xerocon. This is an annual event to hear about the upcoming changes Xero are making and to also talk to around 200 addon partners that connect with Xero to make business owners lives easier.

We heard lots of Xero speakers from the CEO Rod Drury to Xero IT developers. These people certainly think outside the box.

Here are some features that are coming to Xero:

Projects – This will be another tab to click into along the top of the screen and will help with (as the name suggests) Project jobs. You can set a project budget, track time, set up costs rates of staff, create progress invoices on the job and print reports. The tracking of projects has reports to show you what you have spent on the project and how far from budget you are. This has been a big “project” for Xero and one they are excited about as it has so many aspects to this new feature. It is almost a complete new program on its own. Xero announced there will be an extra cost on your subscription to use this service once available.

Bank Transfer Rule – Currently users can set up rules for regular payments coming from their business bank accounts. There is a new feature coming to Xero where you can set up rules for transfers from one bank to another. For example if you have 2 bank business bank accounts (or credit card) being fed into Xero and have regular payments being transferred from one bank account to another – a rule can be set up to remember this transfer so it can be reconciled with one click of the mouse.

Security – Xero have had this feature available for a little while now but are always reminding us to make sure users have switched it on to keep information as safe as possible and that is the 2 step authentication. This is an extra layer of security  that will make someone being about to gain access to your Xero file a lot harder. All you need to do is download the google authenticator app on your smart phone and set up the feature in Xero. Don’t worry if you don’t have your smart phone with you, there is also secret questions that can be answered.

There are many other smaller features that Xero are and have released like changes to import codes, NZ tax changes and many more…too many to list. The great thing about these changes is that they are done in the background, without any or minimal disruption and no software update or upgrades that users have to do.

Ally Wadwell | Accountant | The Money Edge

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