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Xero Changes!

After attending Xerocon in Brisbane last week, they made many announcements of improvements  they are making to Xero. Some of these improvements are live now and some are coming soon.

If you are using PayPal in Xero – the programmers admitted to this not being a smooth process. They have made improvements to this so users gain a better experience in Xero using PayPal.

They are also integrating BPAY into Xero – this will be coming soon.

In fixed assets there is currently no access to use a general pool or low value pool. This option for will be added by Christmas. This has been a long awaited option for small businesses.

There is a new report that will be available that users will be able to generate using contacts. This will be useful to see how much businesses have spent with a contact or how much a contact has spent with you.

Currently there is a running bank balance in the statement screen, this will also be available on the account transaction screen showing the running balance after every transaction that is fed into Xero. This is a great addition to make sure your bank account is balancing throughout the month.

Xero has partnered with Veda. This is an app that will integrate into all Xero files to show live credit ratings on contacts as they are loaded into Xero. This will be a great help to businesses, showing if any new customers have a good or bad credit rating, making it easier for businesses to decide the credit terms for a new customers.

The last announcement that was made is that Xero is developing a chat box using the Facebook Messenger app. In this app you will be able to ask Xero who owes you money, how much money you have in the bank, how much you owe to people and much more. This is an exciting development that busy business owners will be able to use to make getting information from Xero even faster.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ally Wadwall on 07 4151 8898.

Ally Wadwall | Accountant | The Money Edge | Bundaberg

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