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Price Increase for Xero Users – will this affect you?

On the 28th September 2018 Xero has decided to increase their subscription charges. Xero advise this is due to investing $250 million in research and development to provide continual improvements to the platform, such as better reporting, single touch payroll, fixed assets features and ensuring that all Xero users remain compliant with new regulations. The only Xero users that will see an increase in price will be subscribers on the Premium 5 ($60) subscription and above. The table below shows the increase in the subscriptions.


Starter  $25 1 $25 1
Standard  $50 1 $50 2
Premium 5 $60 5 $65 5
Premium 10 $70 10 $75 10
Premium 20 $80 20 $90 20
Premium 50 $90 50 $125 50
Premium 100 $100 100 $150 100


Xero have also released two new features that are an additional cost to a standard or premium plan called  Xero Expenses and Projects.

Xero Expenses will replace the current expense claims function that will be retired in January 2019.  If you have used this function you will have to upgrade to Xero Expenses from January 2019, however your historical information will remain visible in Xero. Xero Expenses will have faster expense capture to reduce data entry, notifications from iOS and android apps to let employees and business owners know the status of expense claims and more flexible user permissions to give better control. Xero expense will cost a further $5 per user per month.

Projects is another additional service you can purchase with your subscription. Xero saw the need for a simple job costing solution as most project management software is expensive and complex. Projects allows you to have unlimited projects. It also allows users to add budgets and monitor the costings, so users can see in real time how profitable that project is. This addition is $10 per month for one user and $7 for any additional users.

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