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Is your new best friend’s name Vend?

Are you an owner of a retail business and wonder how you could be doing things differently when it comes to your sales or perhaps you are always running off to buy extra napkins because you missed them in the stock order or you’ve run out of P10 toner that Mrs Smith buys each Friday?  Well the good news is if you are on Xero, there is an amazing Add-on that manages both Point of Sale and Inventory! It’s call Vend and it could very well become you new best friend.

Vend allows you to easily manage and grow your business, no matter how complex your operations are – one store or 4 stores + a warehouse + an online store or even a popup store.  Vend will simplify your checkout, allow you to keep tabs on your key metrics and handle that lunchtime rush with ease.  Vend’s real-time reporting will give you the ability to know your best products and even what time they are purchased, which allows you to make sure you’re never caught out of stock again.

But what do I do if the internet drops out?  NEVER FEAR! Vend’s offline mode allows you to can keep making sales — your inventory and sales will simply update once you’re back online again. Nothing can stand in your way now — not even a dodgy internet connection.  Whether you’re a fashion boutique, café or hairdresser, Vend can help to grow and change your retail business.

A few other features worth mentioning are:

There is simply too many features to mention in one blog, click here for more details.

If you feel Vend could be your new best friend and would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact The Money Edge Team on 07 4151 8898.

Nicole Sabo | The Money Edge | Bundaberg

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