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Helping small businesses save on energy

Rising energy costs are a big strain on small businesses across Australia, until now however, it has been hard for small businesses to take action to reduce their energy costs because there has been no easy way to tell if they are paying more than needed. 

The Small Business Energy Check is a component of the Business Energy Advice Program (beap), which is an $11.7 million Australian Government initiative. These free services aim to address the energy cost impact on the bottom-line and put more money back into small businesses. 

While the advice program is designed for businesses between 6-20 employees, Australian Business can still provide free energy bill comparisons for smaller and larger businesses, helping them find even more ways to save. 

Compare your energy spend

The Small Business Energy Check allow you to compare the energy spend of businesses with up to 20 employees and up to $10 million in revenue against the energy spend of similar businesses. Find out if you are paying too much in only 3 minutes! 

Get tailored energy advice 

Independent energy advice tailored to businesses with between 6-20 employees. One of beap's business experts  can help you find out ways to save. Whether it is understanding your energy bill, establishing energy saving habits or access to a wide range or resources. Register for free! 

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