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Don't be the next victim!

Businesses of all sizes are under constant threat from cybercriminals and malicious software. Even some of the world's largest and seemingly impenetrable organisations are making headlines in recent years falling victim to cyber attacks. Microsoft, Canva, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp have all been targeted in the last month alone. Small businesses are the number one target for fraudsters. It is clear that no business, no matter how small or large, is immune to cyber risks. So what can you do to protect your business from these malicious online threats? 

Tax time is a busy time of year for more than just the tax profession. Criminals are particularly active during tax tme, and it pays to know what you can do to help keep your business and clients safe - exercising caution when downloading attachments or clicking links in emails, text messages, or social media posts, even if they appear from someone that you know. 

By knowing the risks and taking some precautionary measures, you can reduce the risk of fraud and data breaches. Don't be the next victim! For more information visit, or contact The Money Edge. 

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