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Recently I found myself sitting in a room with 400 accountants all wanting the same goal, to learn about the changes in superannuation legislation. As I waited with my fellow peers, I can’t help but reflect on my role and what it means to my clients.

I love my career and I love being able to provide them with the most up-to-date information to help them achieve their goals.  I feel it is a real privilege to play a part in my clients’ journey. But in order to do this I have to keep up with the various changes and arm myself with the most relevant knowledge available. I also need to be proactive with seeking this knowledge. I can’t just bury my head in the sand with the hope that the information I have is sufficient.  In order to survive today, a lot of careers and businesses require the most up-to-date information which provides a stronger foundation to remain competitive in today’s market.  They need to keep up, otherwise they will find themselves left behind and no longer able to compete.  Sometimes the change involves doing something a different way or embracing a new technology.

Knowing about legislation change is just one aspect of my role. I am also invested in the impacts of digital disruptions. The digital world is always changing and to stay abreast of these many changes is enormous. To make things easier for my clients and team, I introduce time saving processes into our clients businesses which is an absolute necessity for them to remain competitive in the future.  Not only are we trying to help them achieve financial goals but personal ones as well.  Time would have to be one of the most precious resource so finding ways to save time is beneficial to all.

These are just two of the many areas that specific businesses face in order to stay competitive. The path to success is not always clear and it helps to have a guide along the way. It is my desire to be the guide that can help my clients navigate along the right path for them.

So getting back to the 400 accountants in the room.  I had better get to implement the changes before 30 June as I have a deadline.

Leanne Rudd | The Money Edge | Bundaberg

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