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Backpackers: Let’s lighten their load, by a third of their pay…

Despite protest from the agricultural industry, the backpacker tax rate has been increased in the federal budget to a flat rate of 32.5% from 1 January 2017.  This will not affect backpackers this year, but we will see a decline in travellers who are willing to work in Australia after that date.  The news has already reached around the world via social media.

Will that provide more opportunities for unemployed Australians to work on farms?  Yes.  It’s good news for Aussies who want to work their way around Australia, and locals who are seeking work as farm labourers, nannies or other positions traditionally held by backpackers.  Polish up your resume and try again next year!

But the next question is, are Australian’s willing for the hard manual labour…?  Statistics say no.  Australians are certainly not known in the workplace for wanting to do this kind of work.  As the agricultural labour market loses its quality and quantity of applicants, farming profits will take another hit.  Not to mention the billions of dollars that backpackers bring to the tourism industry.  It will affect Bundaberg. We need to keep lobbying to have this increase removed.  Please support our country’s farmers by clicking here.

Amanda Wolff | Bookkeeper | The Money Edge| Bundaberg

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