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ATO warning about E-mail scam

The Australian Taxation Office has issued an urgent warning about an email scam. An extremely convincing phishing email has been going around prompting the ATO to issue this warning to prevent this scam from spreading. Here’s a run through of how it works, and how to avoid becoming a victim to this.

How does it work?

The fake email opens with a statement that the receiver is eligible to receive a certain amount of money for a cash back.

To make the email appear legitimate it displays the myGov logo, to increase familiarity and the chances of someone clicking on it.

Clicking on the link directs the reader to fill out a form that steals the user’s personal information

Red flags in this email:

During the tax season and at the end of the financial year there is always a spike in cyber crime activity, as the volume of phishing emails being sent increases dramatically. Make sure your are aware of what is happening to avoid becoming a stat.

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