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Esta Naude

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Senior Accountant / CPA 

Accounting is a passion for me rather than an occupation. I look forward to every day and all the challenges that come with working as an accountant. No day is the same! 

The decision to become an Accountant started with growing up listening to dinner-time conversations about balance sheets, reconciling bank accounts', outstanding debtors and having the cashflow to pay creditors on time. My first ever job was data entry in Solution 6 over the school holidays! 

In a lot of ways, accounting is like solving a puzzle, and I love the thrill of working through a lot of data, and arriving at a beautiful end result that is meaningful and useful to a client. 

Working at The Money Edge is a wonderful opportunity that I embrace. Here we get involved in our clients' businesses to understand what drives them. We provide a holistic approach to business advice where we not only take care of the business needs, but also personal goals. 

Outside of work, my family is my life. I am a Mother of two amazing children who keep me on my toes and teach me about what is really important in life. When I get the opportunity I love to read crime novels (solving a puzzle again) and enjoy travelling and seeing the amazing world that is out there. 

My biggest challenge in life was deciding to migrate with my husband from South Africa to Australia and starting a new life, with some many new opportunities. Looking back, 13 years down the track, it was the best decision we could have made and we enjoy calling Australia home. 

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